Students & Parents

JA students are inspired and prepared for the future. They learn about how to be financially responsible, ready for the workplace and able to take advantage of the entrepreneurial opportunities our economic system provides us.

Equally as important, JA students are confident about the future, believe that they have the power to make good things happen in their lives and have have a real world understanding of life after high school. Even at an early age, they are significantly more likely than their peers to believe that they will graduate from high school, pursue post-secondary education and graduate from college, evaluations show.

Are you interested in bringing JA programs to your child’s classroom?

JA offers many types of programs:

IN-SCHOOL: There are more than 20 different programs for students in Kindergarten through Grade 12, each activity-based and led by a volunteer as part of a regular class during the school day. Learn more.

AFTER-SCHOOL: Junior Achievement recognizes the need for children to have safe and fun afterschool activities. JA Afterschool also provides children with a unique educational experience that teaches them about running a business, managing money and the world of work. Learn more.

BEYOND SCHOOL: JA provides many opportunities for students to have rich experiences outside of school walls. Whether it is a job-shadow program at a local corporation or a conference at a university, students gain not just important economic knowledge, they get to experience the world of work and the world of higher education. Learn more.

JA INTENSIVE: These long-duration programs provide intensive experiences for students. The JA Entrepreneurial Academy brings together students from many area high schools to form an actual company and learn the rudiments of business. The JA Global Connection program brings students from China to Connecticut – and our students to China – to learn international business first hand. Learn more.

There are also several scholarships available for JA students. These include the Karl Flemke Memorial Scholarship, created in honor of the former national president of JA, which provides a $1,000 scholarship to an exceptional student.