JA Traditional Format

What is “Traditional”?
A traditional class is when our programs are taught through a series of 5 to 12 visits to the classroom. The number of visits depends on the grade level. The volunteer and classroom teacher work together to schedule the visits. Schedules are based on the flexibility and availability of the teacher and the volunteer.

What do volunteers do?
The volunteers participate in a training session (on-site at your location or at our office) prior to the program start date where they will obtain their classroom materials. Volunteers commit to the 5 to 12 dates and the agreed upon times that are needed to complete the program.

What is the role of the teacher?
During the program, teachers are present in the classroom at all times to partner with the volunteers, help maintain discipline and answer any of the volunteer’s questions.

What is JA staff’s role?
A JA staff member plans and coordinates the program.

How much of a time commitment?
Between 5 and 12 class periods. Class periods average one hour.