JA Intensive

In recent years, JA has expanded its JA Intensive programs. These programs offer more contact hours, unique program structures, and smaller classroom sizes to older students. At present, JA offers three Intensive programs:

JA Entrepreneurial Academy is a 15-week afterschool program. The program uses the JA Company™ curriculum and brings urban and suburban high school students together at a corporate site to form companies and gain skills in entrepreneurism, leadership, teamwork, ethics, and career development.

JA Global Connection is a two-year student exchange program for Connecticut and Chinese high school students which provides engaging, academically challenging, and experiential learning sessions that focus on American and Chinese business, innovation, entrepreneurism, ethics, and leadership.

JA Career Connections for Young Women was piloted in 2015. The 8-week program prepares and inspires teenage girls to focus on careers, professional goals, and financial responsibility. The program provides these young women with a clear understanding of their potential and a powerful vision of who they can become in the future.