Junior Achievement’s Career Connections for Young Women Program Prepares High School Students for Real World

On Wednesday, March 1st, students participating in the JA Career Connections for Young Women program that is run in collaboration with the Junior League of Hartford, participated in a session called “Mock Interviews”. These 21 students worked alongside 21 volunteers from The Junior League of Hartford, The Hartford, Society of Human Resources and Junior Achievement staff.

During the program, each volunteer paired up with 2 different students, and interviewed them for 20 minutes each. Each student had worked on and completed their own individual resumes, which they brought to their interviewee. Volunteers were able to critique the students’ resumes and recommend appropriate changes.

The goal of the mock interview session was to not only give the students a chance to practice interviewing, but to also gain confidence in their personal brand and how to sell themselves to a future employer. The students were able to put into action everything they have learned in the past 8 weeks of the program in which, they have been developing soft skills, such as shaking hands, maintaining eye contact when making an introduction, branding themselves in a positive manner both in the real world as well as the social media world. The students have also learned how to ‘dress for success’ and the importance of networking and relationship building.

As for the volunteers, this was a great opportunity for individuals to give back on a high level. Volunteers were able to engage students one-on-one, sharing their insights, offering advice, and support as the students begin to enter the workforce, apply for colleges and summer internships. Volunteers are also given a chance to share their own personal experiences regarding interviewing, applying to jobs, etc. Through this, volunteers are also able to give advice that can form a connection with the students. “I was so impressed with how prepared the students were for their mock interviews as well as all their many accomplishments. I wish I had the confidence they have when I was their age! I can tell that this program will help them down the line as they accomplish their goals”, said Odete Melo, a volunteer for the program from The Hartford.

If you would like to find out more information on Junior Achievement specialty programs such as JA Career Connections for Young Women or how you can make a difference by in a CT student’s life by volunteering, please contact President and CEO, Jeremy Race at or 860-525-4510 ex 224. Any support you provide to Junior Achievement will help us get closer to our goal of reaching 50,000 students by 2020.